Posted on February 20th, 2012

Owl Music Search “The Google of Music,”  Enables users to find music through music (TM) – A simple concept achieved through revolutionary technology.  Owl Music Search compares your favorite songs to thousands of others to find similar songs for you to listen to, enjoy, and purchase. OWL Music Search offers Internet music search and discovery solutions. OWL music search enables users to find music through music™ – a simple concept achieved through revolutionary technology. Owl has developed the next generation of music search technology. Redefining the possibilities for music discovery, management, and sharing, Owl combines objective audio feature analysis and similarity measures to transcend language boundaries and avoid the common pitfalls of social music recommendation. By eliminating text from the search and discovery process, Owl delivers the most precise, user-friendly, and scalable way to find new music. Owl technology changes the digital musical experience. Its ability to locate and catalog every song on the Internet takes music search from the highly concentrated realm of popular hits to artists’ back catalogs and the lesser-known “end of the long tail” with no loss of relevance or accuracy. Owl solves music lovers’ ever-present challenge: finding new music that they like.