Tagasauris – The Smart Way To Tag!

Posted on February 20th, 2012

Tagasauris is a meta-data creation platform. We provide a game-changing approach to big-data and meta-date curation. Our software-as-a-service platform is used for tagging, describing, categorizing, annotating, labeling, and organizing online media and other forms of knowledge work. Our technology combines algorithms with human and collective intelligence to solve complex problems that cannot be solved with either component alone. We help individuals and organizations scale their business process by decomposing knowledge-intensive tasks into workflows comprised of discrete micro-tasks that are powered by humans and machines. This provides increased productivity, reduced costs and better quality leading to new opportunities for engagement. Tagasauris’ platform manages the full stack: content, workflows, workers, pricing, payments, quality and integration so you don’t have to. Tagasauris was founded in December 2010 with headquarters in New York City.